Monday, October 6, 2014

makeover monday

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've seen some shots of our #sunroomredo which is finally coming together (and if you don't follow me, please do :)).  I have to say, the room is quickly becoming one of my favorites in our home.  It's just so bright and happy, and I love it!  Here's a link to the style board I had originally put together for the space.  One of the key pieces in the room is a love seat that I had made over, and I am THRILLED with how it turned out.  It's a high quality piece, made by Hickory Chair which I am so grateful to have inherited from my mom.  To be such a little guy, he is super heavy which just goes to show how well made it is.  Definitely one of those pieces that is worth a redo.  Here's a before picture…

When I decided that I wanted to make it over and use it in our sunroom, I knew I had to give it a little different look.  It was just a little too "dinky"/short looking and especially for my sunroom which has 9 foot ceilings.  Thanks to my fabulous upholsterer, my vision was executed flawlessly.  What I asked for was:

1) Remove skirt
2) Split the seat cushion into two cushions and make them more substantial (I wanted more height.)
3) Split the back cushion into two cushions and make them more substantial (Again, we needed height.)
4) Contrast welting

And this is how it turned out….

Amazing, right!!  It doesn't even look like the same piece!  And the fabric…ahhhh…I'm in love!  I found it at Shelby Fabrics; my new go to place for all my fabric needs :).

Here it is installed in our sunroom….

I still have some finishing touches to put on the room but am just loving it so far.

So, what do you think?!  Moral of the story is…don't steer away from a "dinky" piece of furniture, especially when it's a high quality piece.  AND, find an awesome upholsterer who can execute on your vision :).  Need help creating that vision?!  Reach out…I'd love to help you find and/or design that new special piece for your home!  xoxo


  1. Megan,

    Quick question. Regarding cost, is it worth it to reupholster a piece or purchase new? I have a good sofa with shot upholstery, and I'm wondering what I should suggest to my husband (who would be content to use the sofa until it's threadbare).


  2. Hi Vanessa! If you have a high quality piece which it sounds like you do, and you like the size and lines of it, I would say it is definitely worth reupholstering. It depends on the upholsterer and piece as to the price but for this little guy I was quoted between $300 and $500 to reupholsterer it. Then I had to purchase 13 or so yards of fabric which I got for a steal at $12 a yard. Hope this helps! Good luck and please share before and after shots if you do decide to reupholster :)