Friday, July 18, 2014

introducing our new found guest room (and deer head)

We've been playing a little musical rooms in our home lately as we try to figure out how best to optimize the space we have.  Our home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a sunroom.  Originally, we had Avett in the larger of the two spare rooms, the office located in the smallest bedroom, and used the sunroom as a second living area (i.e., "man room").  After living with this arrangement for 6 months or so, we decided it wasn't the ideal.  Why? 1) We had no guest room;  2) We weren't utilizing the sunroom as we thought we would; and 3) Avett is rarely in his room (except when he sleeps) so him in the largest spare room seemed like a wasted space (plus the smaller room is much more cozy for a 5 year old :)).  So, we did a little switch-a-woo!  And, here's our new guest room which is designed based off of my "big boy room" styleboard from a while back.  I'm really loving how the space is coming together and especially love the addition of our newest "family member" :).  Our faux deer head (and mounting plaque/shield) came from a phenomanal Etsy shop  ("NearAndDeer") who will custom make your piece exactly to your liking!  Check em' out!

I'll be sharing design ideas for Avett's new room in a future post as well as what we'll do with the sunroom so stay tuned!


  1. Love it!! And great idea for utilizing the smaller spare room for a "cozy" nook Avett!!