Tuesday, July 15, 2014

first impressions

Back about 6 months ago, do you remember when I blogged about painting our front door?  No?  Well here's a reminder for you :).  Over the last 6 months, I have gone back and forth and back again.  I went from blue to yellow to plum back to blue and finally pulled the trigger over the weekend.  Here's a picture of our house when we bought it back in November of last year…

And here are a couple up close pictures from this weekend before the painting started…

After much deliberation (and after my husband and son refused to hold up another swatch), I landed on Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue.  It's actually more of a green than a blue (surprising since I never really considered green), but my inspiration came from René Zieg's house house over on Cottage and Vine.

So I painted (Tip:  I used Benjamin Moore's Patio & Floor Latex Paint which was recommended to me as a great no sheen yet extremely durable option).  And after a couple hours, I stepped back to check out the finished product.  I liked it….but something was off.  

The black storm door!  So the wooden storm door research began and I found they were near impossible to find in our area (i.e., I'd likely have to pay an arm and a leg to get one custom made, delivered, and installed) so on to plan B.  Remove the storm door.  Nope….hubby wasn't agreeing to that, and I too like having it.  So, I started researching how to paint a metal storm door.  Based on some, it was quite a process (take the door off, sand the door, clean the door, spray paint with metal primer, spray paint with metal paint, dry, put door back on...), but then I found this blog. And after a quick trip to Lowe's for some Kilz primer and taping off the door, I was ready to prime.  Here's a picture of the primed door.

I then took a brief dry-time break and colored with my little man :),  painted a couple coats of my latex paint (the exact same paint I used on the front door), and VOILA!

Who knew painting a storm door could be so easy?!  And what a difference it made!  (Side note:  For you extremely detail-oriented peeps, the door handle is on order.  We did have a silver one, but I wanted to go with a brass to match our knob on the main door. :))

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