Monday, March 17, 2014

a trip to homegoods

I made a trip to Homegoods last week in search of a bench for our master bedroom (post on that coming soon), but got quickly distracted when I eyed a couple gorgeous coral lamps.  The problem was that it appeared they were on hold so I hurried over to the lamp section hoping to find two for myself.  Unfortunately, that left me empty-handed :(.  I sadly picked up a couple other items and headed to the checkout.  And then, as if it were meant to be, the lady who had the coral lamps on hold (I was still eyeing them....and now had realized there were FOUR!!) was checking out in front me.  WHAT?!?  You're only getting two?! YAY!!!  I quickly scooped up the other two, we cheers'd to our lamps, and both left estactic that we had scored such a gorgeous pair  :).



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    1. Thanks Angela! They make me smile everytime I walk by :).