Sunday, February 9, 2014

master bedroom inspiration board

This weekend I had so much fun helping a friend make some design plans for a few rooms in her house; mainly her master bedroom, office, and kitchen.  She sent me some pictures in advance, and I came up with a couple inspiration boards for us to use as a starting point. This is the style board for the master.  The bed in the picture was actually built by her husband (impressive huh?!) and a great focal point in the room!  It has a rustic vibe to it so introducing some more feminine aspects, such as mirrors, provides a great contrast.  We ventured out to HomeGoods (Dean & Deluca first....YUM!) and found this and a couple round mirrors on clearance.  Score!!  Lamps, prints, and curtains are still on the list, but I'd say it was a successful little Saturday.

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