Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crayons for Gifting

This weekend, we got crafty and made Avett's teacher a little something for Christmas :).  Check it out!  Isn't it adorable and the perfect teacher gift!  

 Now I have to admit, I am the least crafty person when it comes to this sort of thing, but I saw the idea on pinterest, and LOVED it so much that I just had to try it.  As it turns out, it was so much fun to make and oh so SIMPLE.  So here's what you need:  a shadow box (I used a 12x12 and found it on sale at Michael's), cardstock the size of your shadow box (I went with white and found it at Michael's as well), hot glue gun, and a box of crayons (I got a 64 count and used about 50 of them).  You'll see a glue stick in the picture, but I didn't end up using it.  You'll only need it if you want to glue your cardstock to the backing of the shadow box.
 So first I printed out a letter template which you can find online. Then I centered the printed letter on the cardstock and taped it underneath so that I could trace it.  Because cardstock is thicker, we had to get creative with how to see the letter through the paper enough to trace.  We ended up doing it on a glass table where we could shine a light up underneath. 
 Here's our letter lightly traced on the cardstock.
 Once your letter is ready, you'll start cutting your crayons based on the sizes you need.  I just cut as I went along.  HINT:  Freeze your crayons before you get started; this will make the cutting much easier/cleaner.
 As you cut, you'll start placing them on your paper.

 Here it is with all the crayons cut and placed.  After I had my layout set, I begin to glue each of them down being sure that my paper was clear of any crayon debri.
 We then added the name but because we don't have the best cursive writing we opted to find a font we liked in Word and trace it onto our paper.  When we do it again, I will do the name first and then place the crayons because it was uber nerve-racking :).
 Once your paper is ready and cleaned off of any remaining crayon residue, you're ready to put it in your shadow box.  Ta-da!  We love how it turned out and are so excited to give it to Mrs, Williams!!

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