Tuesday, December 31, 2013

mirror, mirror on the wall...

I absolutely love mirrors!  They're perfect for brightening up any room and can add great detail if you find the right one for your space.  Here are some of my recent favorites.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

On my mind...

I'm always thinking about the next project or must-haves for our home and love having this blog so that I can document my ideas and thoughts without having to try to remember everything :).  So, THANK YOU for being my outlet and letting me get on "paper" what's on my mind!

For the kitchen...paint! Today it is a deep red and in an effort to lighten it up, we'll be painting it hardwick white by Farrow & Ball.  This is the same color we used when painting our kitchen cabinets in the old house and absolutely loved it!  I'm also wanting some metal barstools.  We have three red saddle style seats (like these) which are great but they don't fit well at the bar.  A square seat will allow three to fit more comfortably plus I love the look of the metal ones :).

For the living room/den, I'm thinking about moving our current coffee table which is wood (and I adore it), out to the sunroom/"man cave", and going with an ottoman instead.  This will provide for extra seating when needed and also serve as a foot rest for almost all seats in the room.  I'm also on the hunt for a couple small storage ottomans to hide the kiddo's toys and provide extra seating when needed.  The trick is that I have to find two that will fit under our console table so I'm on the hunt.

The sunroom/"man cave" is in desperate need of some attention so we'll be purchasing a rug and a sofa in the very near future.

kitchen ~ metal bar stools || farrow & ball hardwick white paint (for walls) || living room/den ~ tufted ottoman || linen storage ottomans || sunroom/"man cave" ~ grey sofa || rug

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tips for styling (and profiling) your bookshelves

When decorating your bookshelves, think dimension and variation.  Try a framed picture, a mirror, or a print on the back of your book shelf (not neccesarily on all of them because remember we want variation) with other items placed in front.  Paint works great too!  Use things you already have....old magazines are great for filling up space and perfect for adding height to that candle, antler, or owl.  Get out old books (think childrens' books, old encyclopedias (do your parents have some hidden away in their attic), dictionaries, Bibles, etc), magazines, movies, photo albums, baskets, picture frames, framed prints, globes, candles, etc and just play around with the placement.  Place your books both vertical and horizontal and use plenty.  Books and magazines are the best way to create a look that isn't bare but yet organized and clutter-free.  To fill up small spaces or gaps, use your picture frames and decor (not knick-knacks).  I'm all about using what you have, but here are some ideas to get you thinking.  For more wallet friendly items, check out TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, even CVS or Wallgreens, and antique stores and yard sales.  And don't feel like your bookshelves have to be perfect from day one; mine are still a work in progress (see personal pics below).  Just keep purchasing along the way and reshuffle as you find each special piece.  Before you know it, you're bookshelves will be styling and you'll be smiling :).  

 Bookshelves in our den/living room...

More den/living room bookshelves...

Dining room bookshelves (I told you we have no shortage!)...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas recap....

I hope your's was wonderful too!

 salt scrub recipe || boy pjs from target || "holiday" stemless wine glasses || jcrew tippi sweater || j.crew miri mid-heel pumps || patagonia down sweater vest || patagonia fleece vest || 'the welcoming house' coffee table book || tory burch nadine riding boots (purchased via ebay) || phosphorescent tickets || socks || gummy bears || mentos chews || mentos gum || pens || gummy bears
j.crew camo scarf (sold out online but still have in stores) || j.crew flannel plaid shirt (old) || zara black leggings || tory burch nadine riding boots (purchased on ebay)
And a message from our sweet boy (southern accent and all :))....

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Staycation with my boy...

As I prepare for my 2 week staycation, which I'll spend with my sweet 4-year old (isn't he the cutest?!), I naturally anticipate all the ways in which I'll fail.  I'm not blessed with stay-at-home-mom qualities (so I think), and if I had to apply for the job, I would most certainly not be the one selected (so I think), but I will do my best and will remember that my best is enough, especially in his eyes. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tis the Season...

I absolutely love this time of year!  The beauty of the season is like no other and perfectly reflects the magnificence of God's love.  I'm thanking Him for His perfect gift this Christmas season and enjoying the stylish decor along the way :).

all photos can be linked by visiting my Christmas board on pinterest

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crayons for Gifting

This weekend, we got crafty and made Avett's teacher a little something for Christmas :).  Check it out!  Isn't it adorable and the perfect teacher gift!  

 Now I have to admit, I am the least crafty person when it comes to this sort of thing, but I saw the idea on pinterest, and LOVED it so much that I just had to try it.  As it turns out, it was so much fun to make and oh so SIMPLE.  So here's what you need:  a shadow box (I used a 12x12 and found it on sale at Michael's), cardstock the size of your shadow box (I went with white and found it at Michael's as well), hot glue gun, and a box of crayons (I got a 64 count and used about 50 of them).  You'll see a glue stick in the picture, but I didn't end up using it.  You'll only need it if you want to glue your cardstock to the backing of the shadow box.
 So first I printed out a letter template which you can find online. Then I centered the printed letter on the cardstock and taped it underneath so that I could trace it.  Because cardstock is thicker, we had to get creative with how to see the letter through the paper enough to trace.  We ended up doing it on a glass table where we could shine a light up underneath. 
 Here's our letter lightly traced on the cardstock.
 Once your letter is ready, you'll start cutting your crayons based on the sizes you need.  I just cut as I went along.  HINT:  Freeze your crayons before you get started; this will make the cutting much easier/cleaner.
 As you cut, you'll start placing them on your paper.

 Here it is with all the crayons cut and placed.  After I had my layout set, I begin to glue each of them down being sure that my paper was clear of any crayon debri.
 We then added the name but because we don't have the best cursive writing we opted to find a font we liked in Word and trace it onto our paper.  When we do it again, I will do the name first and then place the crayons because it was uber nerve-racking :).
 Once your paper is ready and cleaned off of any remaining crayon residue, you're ready to put it in your shadow box.  Ta-da!  We love how it turned out and are so excited to give it to Mrs, Williams!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Party Time!

Are you in search of the perfect dress for that upcoming holiday party?!?  Are you sick of the same ol' dresses in your closet but hesitant to buy yet another one to add to the collection?  Why not Rent the Runway (RTR)?!?  Check out a few of the fabulous options I found while just browsing for a few minutes!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Haute Mommas

Yesterday, while doing some Christmas shopping, I discovered something fantastic!  It's not fantastic for me now, and likely not in the future, but it IS fantastic for any lady who is expecting a little bundle of joy.  J.Crew now has maternity clothes!!!!  I remember it being so difficult to find stylish maternity wear about this time 5 years ago so, in honor of all those adorable pregger ladies out there, here's some style ideas for you :).

j.crew maternity toothpick jean || maternity pixie pant || gap cable knit sweater || ASOS maternity dress || ASOS black lace dress || gap sparkle legging jeans || yellow dot scarf || gradient stripe scarf || denim shirt || lilac skinny jeans || nautical stripe top || faux leather leggings || eyelet maternity tank || striped long sleeve tee

Monday, December 9, 2013

Books for Styling

One thing I haven't had a shortage of in my last two homes are bookshelves and with plenty of bookshelves comes plenty of books.  Stylish books are so much fun and not only great for reading but for decorating bookshelves, coffee tables, side tables, sofa tables, and more.  Check out these fabulous finds on One Kings Lane!  Hurry, the sale ends in 3 days!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Weekend/Happy Doors

Happy weekend!!  I hope you're enjoying your's so far.  We're having an extra lazy and laid back weekend at our house.  We've been on the go for what feels like forever, so a weekend of downtime is definitely what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of happy weekends, for the longest time I've wanted to paint both the interior and exterior of my front door.  I never got around to it at the old house but have it on my "do to" list for the new one. Here's some of my exterior inspiration.  It's amazing what some paint will do!  Don't these doors just make you happy?!

                                          all pictures can be linked by visiting me on pinterest

And our home today:

Friday, December 6, 2013

Style for the Slopes

Even though it was 75 degrees today in the Carolinas (which I must say made it a little hard to get in the spirit as we bought our Christmas tree), I have my mind on cold weather!  I'm on the hunt for ski gear--ski gear that I actually feel good in.  The oversized pants are just not cuttin' it for me :).  This is what I have in mind.  What do you think?


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Decisions, Decisions**Dining Room Lighting

About a month ago we purchased a new home and are absolutely smitten with it!  It is a 1940s bungalow and is filled with character (and love of course :)).  I'm loving the initial process of decorating the spaces and look forward to continuing to do so for years to come (because you know it's never ending).  One of my favorite spaces (so far) is our dining room (historically the living room)! 

What do you think?

Only problem is it's missing an overhead light! Natural light and lamps are our friends these days, but an overhead fixture is definitely in this room's future.

Here are some of my intital lighting ideas.  Which is your favorite?!  I'll reveal the one lucky chandelier/lantern/pendant once it's installed so stay tuned!  Meanwhile, let me know your thoughts.  xoxo

1) dark brown 4 light crystal pendant||2) antique copper 4 light chandelier||3) orb chandelier||4) cone shape 4-light antique copper crystal chandelier||5) decker bronze with clear/cream 9-light chandelier||6) world imports hilden collection 4-light hanging pendant||7) cameron 8-light english bronze chandelier||8) access kristal 5-light chrome ball pendant||9) aztec lighting buckhorn 9-light chandelier

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Splurge vs Steal**Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are all the craze these days, and they're oh so fun to wear!!  The bad news is that they can be super expensive, BUT...for the good news....you can also find fabulous ones at a steal. 

splurge//alice + olicia leather leggings||paige vegan leather leggings for anthropologie||steal//drea faux leather pant at social dress shop||zara combined leggings

Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Date Night

Charlotte's 25 Best Restaurants of 2013 were just released by Charlotte Magazine so get to picking...both the restaurant and your outfit!  How about this comfy combo?  It's the perfect "I'm stuffed" ensemble and great for cuddling up to a movie after.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Introducing Amplifying Style

Welcome to my newest endeavor!  I'm so glad that you stopped by! Amplifying Style was born from a passion--a passion for style--both in fashion and home design.  My hope is that you will find inspiration through reading the blog and that my posts will give people all over the world a little more courage in amplifying their style. Please do not hesitate to email me at amplifyingstyle@gmail.com with any suggestions or questions.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy.  xoxo